Monday, November 22, 2004

Future Ex Thinking

"You have a way of making me miss you, I am certain you don’t know that, but I do. With your display of innocent detachment you kept your goddess-like aura intact. You departed my world without causing a visible wreck, and for that I am grateful, and for that I’ll forever miss you.
I am afraid to put this disk in my player, cause I know as the first sounds invade the quiet space that surrounds me, your memories will do likewise. I put it in regardless cause sometimes I like the pain. It is my favorite masochistic moment, the certainty of your touches gone until the end of time. I listen to the rhythms that had brought us together, caused us to collide into each other. Nothing had ever been so perfect; we were the first, and the last".


Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

Caught your site by random... saw the title of that post and had a read.

Damn, I'm not the only masochistic mother fuc... around.

You touched me dude.

(of course NOT like that)


Thu Dec 02, 11:17:00 PM EST  

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